The Essence Challenge

A thirty-day morning practice to set your day for greatness

30 days of meditating, 30 days of writing

Easy at that. For 30 days, you'll wake up to an e-mail with the two most important things you'll need for that day. The Essence Meditation, which you'll meditate to every morning. Followed by a specific journaling prompt for that day, that'll give you clarity and insight on what's most important to you. Repeat for 30 days straight, et voila: watch your life change.

A vigorous knowing of who you are. Razor-sharp focus. The clarity to set your goals AND accomplish them. Intuitively feel what's right for you, as if you've got a hotline with your higher self. And most of all: deep self-connection. That's where the Essence Challenge will take you.

Each morning, you'll get an email in your inbox.

The mail contains a journaling prompt for that specific day.

And of course, a link to the essence meditation. The queen of all meditations.

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The queen of all meditations

What makes the Essence Challenge so powerful? Besides consistency, it's the Essence Meditation. When practiced regularly, this meditation can be life-changing. You will feel more connected to yourself, more peaceful throughout the day and be less reactive. It’ll feel like you’re moving from a place of truth instead of emotions or a busy mind.

Already over a thousand people have practiced this meditation and sent us heartfelt messages and emails about how it changed them. Powerful stuff.

Together with the daily journaling prompt, this makes the perfect morning practice. It will take you about 20-30 minutes per day and set your day
for greatness and feeling fantastic.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

To give this powerful tool to as many people as possible, we’ve made the meditation available for free on YouTube. Please do share with the world or your friends if you feel this could benefit anyone.

The 30-day challenge comes at € 11 or any other donation that feels right in your heart. Yes, choose your own price.