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Model and ex Miss Netherlands Jessie Jazz Vuijk joined the Inner Beauty Retreat on Bali. "Living a busy life in a world that expects so much from us, sometimes, it is just really good to do something just for yourself." She is a role model to many young women and wants to use social media also to show who she truly is. We totally believe she can make a difference!


This is Jessie's story.

Jessie Jazz Vuijk Miss Netherlands Nederland Instagram Inner Beauty Retreat

How did you experience the retreat?
Mind blowing experience! Never learnt so many life lessons in just 5 days. It felt warm and safe.

Did the retreat meet your expectations?
I knew that it was going to be good and that I'd find peace. But this really is next level.

What have these five days brought you?
Clarity, certainty in myself and life. Unconditional love for everything including myself.

Can you rate the retreat between 1 to 10?

Would you recommend this to others, and if so to whom?
YES, everybody needs this. But especially women who have lost themselves. Women who are insecure.

What was the best experience in the retreat for you?
If I have to make a choice, breathwork helped me to release so much. Big impact.

Can you rate the program's content?

What was the best part?
Hard to say, I loved yoga in the morning. Great way to wake up and start your day. Can't make a choice.

What was the least part?
I don't have a least part actually.

What did you think of our organization?
Great, everything was there. Clear and everything felt under control.

How do you feel about the guidance of our teachers and host?
Perfect, especially during the breathwork. Felt so safe and seen.

How do you feel about the value for money?
I think you're giving even more.

How would your life look like if you would feel amazing and unstoppable on the inside? If you know who you are, why you are here and are the master of your thoughts and emotions?


You can still join us to Ibiza or Portugal.


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