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Kimberley is a model from Amsterdam that joined the Inner Beauty Retreat on Bali in October 2017. She came to Bali to learn mindfulness, but "she never really felt connected to it until she met one of our coaches, Moshe", she says.


This is Kimberley's story.

How did you experience the retreat?
Beyond beliefs. Never in my life have I felt so connected to myself.

Did the retreat meet your expectations?
More than! The team put so much love into each and every one of us. Everyone came out full of new energy and vibrancy.

What have these five days brought you?
Courage, true friends, self-love, inner peace and gratefulness.

Can you rate the retreat between 1 to 10?

Would you recommend this to others, and if so to whom?
Models, because we live in a world so shallow that reconnecting with your inner self and beauty is the best gift you can give to yourself to truly enjoy life.

Can you rate the program's content?

What was the best part?
Learning, bringing it all into practice, self-growth.

What was the least part?
I had such an amazing experience that I don't think I have one.

What did you think of our organization?
Incredible, the team is sensational, they all have a very unique role and master it.

How do you feel about the value for money?
Best money spend.

How would your life look like if you would feel amazing and unstoppable on the inside? If you know who you are, why you are here and are the master of your thoughts and emotions?


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