Private Retreat with Mayke

In a private retreat (8 hours), we’ll combine coaching & energetic healing sessions and sometimes breathwork, to make you feel suuuuuper empowered and connected to yourself. We’ll dive deep into what it is you’d like to resolve, change, heal or transform – and the effects of just one day can be huge.

If you book a private retreat, we’ll ask you to answer a few questions so that we can make a program specifically designed for you. Private retreats can take place anywhere in the world, depending on both your and our location (travel expenses or accommodation if necessary are not included in the price). When in Amsterdam, we have a beautiful location for the private retreat to take place.

See it as a combi of all of the sessions above and more, depending on you and what you’d like to work on. It’s truly amazing to see what we can do together.



In order to keep the private sessions affordable for individuals and freelancers, we use different pricing for private individuals, freelancers, and companies.

So, how does it work?

The rate for individuals applies to you if you don't have your own company, and are paying for the session by yourself.

If you have your own company - without employees - and you're writing the costs of the session off as a business expense, the rate for freelancers applies to you.

If you work for or are the owner of a company (with personnel) and you wish to receive the invoice on the name of the company, the company rate applies to you.



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