Do you want to:


  • know who you are?
  • have a strong self-connection?
  • love and accept yourself exactly as you are?
  • silence the mind and be in deep stillness and peace?
  • be able to hear the voice of your intuition clearly?
  • live a life of flow and synchronicity?
  • live from and follow your heart?
  • experience spiritual growth or awakening?
  • know and live your purpose in this lifetime?
  • have the tools to stay connected to yourself in the midst of adversity?
  • just be you and feel happy and fulfilled, from within?


If you've answered yes 3 times or more, this is the retreat for you.
What can you expect, what is the Inner Beauty Retreat and what is it not?




If you expect to chill at the pool getting that tan on (hey, who doesn't love the sun) and do some downward facing dogs in between while finally finishing that book you wanted to read, this is not the retreat for you.


Yes we do downward facing dogs and yes you can chill at the pool. And yes you can reads books. But we go way, way deeper than most retreats. That's why we have a full and exciting program for you to reconnect to your essence: your true authentic self.


You'll learn how to live life from the inside out and the best techniques available to reconnect to your inner peace, power, and clarity at any time and place.

The Inner Beauty Retreat - meditating with Nick Good
workshop inner beauty retreat meditation nick good coaching bali

This is the retreat for you if you want to change something in your life and if you are committed to show up (for yourself) and practice the tools you learn.


Nothing changes unless you do - and you’re the one who’s got to do it. We will show you how, while holding space for you in the most beautiful and loving way, so you can totally be yourself. This is why we spent our days in silence until dinner, outside of the workshops.



We have fun. We laugh, a lot, and connection (with self and others) is important for us. We embrace being human. In fact, we celebrate it. Love is a key ingredient in the Inner Beauty Retreat because we believe love is who you truly are and love heals everything.


So we're not a strict meditating-10-hours-a-day-and-keep-your-eyes-at-the-floor-kind-of-retreat, but we do ask you to commit to the silence (only until dinner and only outside the workshops) out of respect for yourself - and others.


So then what are we?

inner beauty retreat lifechanging testimonial instagram yoga meditation retreat ibiza
yoga meditation retreat ibiza detox inner beauty retreat lifechanging testimonial instagram



Deep into the depths of your own soul - because that’s where the magic and the answers lay. That’s where the healing happens. Where transformation happens.


So if you’re ready for thàt kind of journey: join us. It’s going to be full on. Exciting. Fun. Life changing. Loving. Out of this world. Magical. Out of your comfort zone (maybe). Ecstatic.


If you’re that person knowing there’s more out there, looking to better him or herself - then we want to meet you. We want to work with you. We want to empower and love you and remember you of your own greatness - that is just waiting to be awakened. So you can shine your light and make a difference in your world. Whether professional or just in your social circles: if your light is shining and your heart is open, you automatically affect others.


In five days you will reconnect to who you truly are, get out of your mind and into your body - and soul. You'll learn how to listen to and live from your heart, and also why there's so much suffering in the world and what you can do about it. No conversation or topic is out of our comfort zone - and we've seen it (and been through) it all. So you are welcome, with all of who you are: your light, your darkness, your dreams, your fears. You can be totally yourself - just like everyone else at the Inner Beauty Retreat. And just that, can be magic.


We'll be in silence until dinner. Silence is an amazing way to become aware of our thoughts and patterns, and with awareness comes the ability to change. It also allows you to go deeper into your transformational process. During the workshops, it is of course allowed to speak. A coach or our host is always available for you to speak with one on one, should you feel the need to.




Every morning we will start our day with a refreshing and energizing yoga session followed by meditation, leaving you feeling centered, grounded and clear of mind. After enjoying a beautiful breakfast together we'll go into the life-changing workshops which are the heart of the retreat.


You'll have free time to relax, enjoy the beautiful location or pool, to write, be in stillness, speak to one of the coaches or just be with yourself. In the evening we'll break the silence and have a delicious and nutritious dinner together. In the evenings we'll sit around a bonfire (if possible, this varies per location) and many people choose to have private sessions or massages. The program might slightly vary per day, but here's a good impression:


07.00 fresh juices & snacks

07.30 yoga

09.00 meditation

11.00 brunch

12.00 free time

14.00 workshop*

18.00 dinner

20.00 free time or evening meditation


Every day our coaches are available for your questions and personal guidance. Would you like to go deeper one on one, you can book a private session (more info here).


After the five days, you will feel and look reborn. Seriously, the change in people's glow in just five days is huge. See for yourself:

before and after Inner Beauty Retreat bali jessie jazz vuijk sara
before and after pictures Inner Beauty Retreat



Where most retreats say bye-bye at the last day, for us, it's just the beginning. We'll continue to guide you for 6 more weeks through email with audio and PDF files for your home practice, to further support your journey.


Furthermore, we stay in touch with all of our participants who wish to, mostly through Whatsapp. Every retreat, we come in as strangers and leave as family. Our vision is to create a beautiful community of loving, brave and like-minded souls committed to being a better version of themselves, and so we also organize reunions and events for all "Inner Beauties" to reconnect with one another.


10 % of all of our participants have already joined us for a second or third time. Returning participants are always learning new things doing the same retreat, expanding their awareness and letting go of more of 'the old' every time. We also offer level two retreats for those who have fully embodied the teachings of the first and are ready to take their journey deeper and further.

Bali Yoga Inner Beauty retreat group after meditation week
Inner Beauty Portugal group



All retreats currently planned are The Inner Beauty Retreat's signature retreat and are open to all levels: beginners to intermediate. If you're a woman, a man, an entrepreneur, a fulltime mom, burnout at home or a seasoned yogi or life coach: you are welcome. Those of you that are teachers, healers, coaches, leaders of organizations: you probably know how much we can learn from being the student for once.


(This is why we ourselves also continue to learn from other teachers out there, knowing there's, in essence, no difference between the teacher and the student). We have no top-down approach in the way we present our teachings. We believe we are all one and are all always learning and evolving on this journey called life.


And a question we get asked from time to time: yes, men are welcome! Most welcome actually! Please join us to balance the group 🙂



  • depressed
  • in a burnout
  • physically disabled
  • anorexic or boulimic
  • chronically fatigue
  • addicted to drugs or alcohol (during the retreat you'll have to stop, which of course we'll help you with)
  • battling a chronic disease


Yes. Even though most of the people who join us do not fall into the category of being labeled with a disease or disorder, you are still very welcome. Because we believe the source of all dis-ease is a disconnection from who you truly are, due to a possible variety of reasons and causes. This also goes for the person who is just slightly stressed and looking for more meaning in his or her life. In both cases, you will find your answers when you reconnect with your essence: that limitless place within you, that may have been ignored for a very long time.


We are experienced in working with a great variety of people, "diseases and disorders". The more serious your situation is, the stronger we'll advise you to do a mentorship with one of our coaches, before and/or after the retreat to have a solid, personal support system going for longer than 5 days.


If after receiving your intake form (which you'll receive after signing up) we feel a personal intake is needed, we'll call you. If in the rare case that we feel it is best you start with personal mentorship before you are ready to join a retreat, we will tell you. If you doubt your case (or someone you love, that you are thinking of giving a retreat) just send us an e-mail. We'll have an in-depth intake call with you and if needed set up an action plan for you (or your loved one).


But for most people, just one retreat can change their world.