Before you know, it’s 5pm and your to-do list only seems to have grown. But tomorrow’s deadline hasn’t moved an inch. 10 unanswered WhatsApp conversations are waiting for you, while you still have to run errands and pick up the kids from school. Oh, and when trying to meet up with a friend, you’re now looking at two months from now to set a date because both your agendas are full.

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Do you lay in bed at night with a heart racing like it’s first runner up in Formula 1? Thinking of your inbox instead of peacefully dreaming away?

In case that feeling of overwhelm sounds familiar to you, you’ve probable fallen prey to most common mindfuck of the 21st century.


This multitasker knocks your body out of balance and keeps the mind occupied 24/7.


But interestingly enough, the only place it really exists is the mind.
Yep, those deadlines are real, and those full agenda’s too. Yet those don’t necessarily cause stress. It’s the way your mínd responds when it discovers you’re about to miss the train or when you have a job interview.

Your beautiful mind - no matter how good its intentions – creates stress.

So what’s the antidote?

Self-connection. The only way to shut-off that yapping mind it by starting to listen to something élse. Something deeper inside of you. Whether you call it your heart, your intuition, Source, spirit or your higher self: it’s exactly there where the peace and quiet that you’re so deeply longing for, is hiding.

It’s so much closer than you think.

In this powerful one-day workshop, you’ll learn everything about dealing with stress, keeping yourself sane in this busy world.

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The workshop will take place in The White Door Studio in Amsterdam on the 5th of July. Please be there at 13.15 so we can start at 13.30.



Are you an entrepreneur and wish to receive an invoice on the name of your company? No problem! 21% will be added to the price. Just buy your ticket and send us an email at with your (business) name and address details.


Much love,
Team Inner Beauty Retreat

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