Inner Beauty for Women - Self-Love, Sisterhood and Sensitivity

As women in nowadays society, it sometimes can feel like we need to be the perfect everything. We should have a good job and a house by the age of 30 and know what we want. We should be successful and independent – but not too much, or the man in our life feels threatened. We should look great and healthy – but not be difficult when it comes to food and just enjoy a pizza.

Society: “be yourself”
Society: “not like that”

All the while social media is being bombarded by images about ‘the perfect life’, while inside of us something is yearning for authenticity and connection. Jealously amongst women seems to be normal, yet a voice in our hearts says it doesn’t have to be this way. Many of us are becoming more sensitive and feel misunderstood or unseen by the world at times.

As women in nowadays society, we are not just under pressure: we have been repressed for ages. It’s 2019… and times are changing. As we are becoming more and more sensitive, we are giving rise to the return of the feminine in the world, and as awakened or awakening women it is our birthright to be part of this love revolution.

We see other women flaunt their gorgeous bodies or start successful businesses one after another on Instagram, while all we can do sometimes is hide under our blankets and watch Friends. A voice inside us asks “How do they do it?” and then quickly decides that if that is the standard for success/looks/relationships, then we might as well not try and save ourselves from failure.

What if we don’t need to be the perfect everything, but that everything in our lives (and about us) is perfect? What if everything in life is organized just so we can blossom into the best version of ourselves, that doesn’t look like the Instagram pictures, because it’s unique and beautiful just as we are? What if every challenge is an opportunity for growth? What if we are here to transform the culture of women competing with women into a revolution of sisters supporting sisters?

We say: f* that, and let’s be the woman we came here to be. Let’s be unapologetically ourselves, let’s empower and rise with our sisters. Let’s come together in a safe space of women lifting each other up where we can be vulnerable, embrace our femininity and connect to the powerful woman within.

In this women-only workshop you’ll learn:
❥ How to address and heal insecurities within yourself
❥ How to be a force for good in the world
❥ How to restore the relationship with women in your life
❥ How to break free from the toxic masculine and attract the healthy masculine in your life
❥ How to find and show up for your purpose
❥ A healthy balance between our own feminine force and masculine power
❥ How to use our intuition and the wisdom of our body to make choices
❥ How to deal with being sensitive in a hardened world
❥ How to love and enjoy our bodies
❥ How to respect our bodies in the bedroom
❥ How to show up for the men in our life


❥ Herbal water & tea (no lunch, bring it if you need it)
❥ Inspiration and life-changing insights
❥ Experience a beautiful group connection with like-minded souls
❥ Ask all your burning questions about awakening, the power of love, the law of attraction, how to manage inner peace living in the city, or anything else


buy your ticket for ‘Inner Beauty for WOMEN':
investment: 77 euros

If you want to buy multiple tickets (for more people), please use the same Tikkie link again ♥

Please e-mail us to confirm after you've booked your ticket with your full name(s) at We look forward to seeing you!

PS If a link for some reason doesn't work, you can also e-mail or send us a pm to confirm your spot and pay in cash.


We’ll be hosting you at The White Door Studio in Amsterdam. Please be there at 13.15 so we can start the workshop at 13.30.


Mayke and Nick are back in Amsterdam and available for private sessions!

For more info on private sessions, go to

To book your private session e-mail

We so look forward to seeing you!

Much love,
Team Inner Beauty Retreat

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