Do you find yourself on Monday mornings looking at your inbox – exploding with emails – promising yourself that ‘one day’ you’ll find a job that actually fulfills you? Or that you’ll start your own business? Or did you, and it got challenging?

Do you spend nights staring at your ceiling, wishing you wouldn’t feel so heartbroken anymore, waiting for those days when you can finally appreciate the colors of the leaves again?

Or maybe your life already feels pretty amazing, but you’re still secretly dreaming those dreams that seem ‘too big’, unattainable or unrealistic. No matter which of those scenarios exactly applies to you – we have good news.

Because HOLY GUACAMOLE, there is so much power in you. And that is what we’ll show you in this workshop. We’ll teach you all about the true secrets and the do’s and don’ts of the Law of Attraction and how you can create the life that you have been dreaming of. Because if you dream of it, it’s meant for you, my dear. We all have some limiting beliefs: voices in our minds saying that it won’t work out or that we are not good enough and so we better play it safe.

In this workshop, we’ll show you how to transform those thoughts and how to reprogram your mind with new, empowering beliefs.

And for some of you thinking: ‘uh-oh, I don’t even know what it is that I’m dreaming of’, or if you have no idea what your purpose is – no worries. One of your strongest super-powers is intuition, and in this workshop, we’re going to help to connect to it. You’ll feel clear-headed, grounded and you may even find some answers to your biggest questions ♥

You can do anything you want, beautiful. And we’ll help you get there.

You’ll learn:

❥ how to listen to what your heart is telling you AND how to act upon it
❥ about the do’s and don’ts of the Law of Attraction
❥ how to feel powerful, no matter what life throws at you
❥ how to tune in to your rock-solid intuition
❥ how to heal the thought patterns created by our childhood, upbringing, societal programming, and our ancestors
❥ how to transform limiting beliefs and to reprogram your mind with empowering beliefs
❥ how to be super-powerful and to create the life of your dreams!


❥ Herbal water & tea (no lunch, bring it if you need it)
❥ Inspiration and life-changing insights
❥ Experience a beautiful group connection with like-minded souls
❥ Ask all your burning questions about awakening, the power of love, the law of attraction, how to manage inner peace living in the city, or anything else


buy your ticket for ‘Realize your potential':
investment: 77 euros

buy your ticket for ‘Don't be good, be GREAT at relationships':
investment: 77 euros

combi-ticket for both days:
investment: 122 euros

If you want to buy multiple tickets (for more people), please use the same Tikkie link again ♥

Please e-mail us to confirm after you've booked your ticket with your full name(s) at We look forward to seeing you!

PS If a link for some reason doesn't work, you can also e-mail or send us a pm to confirm your spot and pay in cash.


We’ll be hosting you at The White Door Studio in Amsterdam. Please be there at 13.15 so we can start the workshop at 13.30.


Mayke and Nick are available for private sessions (in person or via Skype)!

For more info on private sessions, go to

To book your private session e-mail

We so look forward to seeing you!

Much love,
Team Inner Beauty Retreat

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