A rock-solid self-connection is the foundation to live the life you want to live. This may or may not come easier to you as the days get shorter and the nights get colder. The 30th of November we’re hosting a workshop in which we'll teach you how to make the most of the dark days.


Nothing is as inevitable as the seasons of the year. After the sunny days, the leaves are changing color and the days get shorter. While some of us love to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket, a hot chocolate and maybe a crackling fire in the fireplace (you lucky bastard), for some of us those dark days give rise to feelings of loneliness or purposelessness.


It’s a time to reflect, to turn inwards. Inside ourselves. Without the warmth and light of the sun and all of summer’s welcome distractions, it’s easier to get in touch with what lives inside of you. Deeper feelings and emotions will rise to the surface more naturally, which gives you the opportunity to heal what needs to be healed and to strengthen (or re-awaken) your inner warrior.


And that’s exactly what you’ll learn during this powerful one-day workshop. You’ll learn how to use the seasons of life and your own seasons to GROW. You’ll learn how to use the difficult emotions as fertilizer for your own evolution as a limitless soul incarnate in a limited human bodysuit, into your highest potential in this lifetime.


This is the time to go deeper within yourself, to come out renewed. So whether you’re looking for direction with your business, you want to get a better understanding of your feelings or you just want to boost your inner warrior, we’d love to see you on the 30th of November. These dark days hold so much power if you know how to use them.

Oh, and if you’re coming for the hugs, you’re welcome too.


You’ll learn:

❥ To awaken and strengthen the inner warrior

❥ How to use this season to go deeper inside yourself and come out renewed

❥ When to use a feminine and when to use masculine energy and approach

❥ How to stay connected to yourself, on cold winter days and any other dark moments

❥ The best tools to keep your inner light shining (and radiant like the sun)

❥ To use your intuition to listen to what you need and act upon it

❥ What the purpose of winter IS and how you can apply it


We can’t wait to see and welcome you on this day. We’ll have hot teas and warm blankets (do we?) ready for you


ps. MEN are most welcome at this workshop.


Much love,
Mayke & Nick



❥ Inspiration and life-changing insights
❥ Herbal water and tea (bring lunch if you need it)
❥ Free audio & PDF files afterwards for your home practice (normally a paid program)
❥ A beautiful connection with like-minded souls
❥ Ask all your burning questions about life, happiness, awakening, healing, the law of attraction, inner peace – or anything else


Workshop Inner Beauty Retreat – How to keep the light shining in the dark days
investment: 77 euros

Please e-mail us to confirm after you've booked your ticket with your full name(s) at

If a link for some reason doesn't work, you can also e-mail or send us a pm to confirm your spot and pay in cash.


We’ll be hosting you at THE WHITE DOOR STUDIO in Amsterdam. The workshop will be from 13.30 – 18.30. Please be there at 13.15 so we can start the workshop at 13.30.


We so look forward to seeing you!


team Inner Beauty Retreat

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