The Inner Beauty Retreat - remember who you are

Remember who you are and live your purpose. In this one-day powerful workshop, you’ll remember who you truly are, why you are here and learn how to align with your higher self.


As human beings, we sometimes can feel a little lost about our lives and about ourselves. We can feel there is something we are striving for or meant to be doing, but we don’t know how to get there. We can see the same patterns repeating themselves, for example in our work, relationship, health or self-image.

In this workshop we’ll help you remember who you truly are. You’ll learn how to reconnect to yourself, what is going on in the world today, what your role is in that, how to truly connect to another person and how to return to love.

Because all of the journeys with us, are about reconnecting to love – our essence at its core.

We’re going deep, and as always, we’ll be getting raw and real with you. We’ll be speaking and embodying Truth, as only the Truth will set you free.

If you’re curious about things such as:

❥Who are we, and why are we alive?

❥What is your purpose on this planet?

❥What is ego, and do we need to change, transform, heal or accept it?

❥What is happening in the world? Why is there so much chaos, and what can we do about it?

❥What is the matrix? Does it exist?

❥How do we free ourselves from society’s expectations?

❥How can we be the best version of ourselves?

❥How do we deal with challenges?


Or if you want to learn things such as:

❥What to do when your ego gets triggered

❥How to break habits and patterns

❥How to align with your soul’s purpose

❥How to be and feel empowered and free

❥How to reconnect and stay connected to yourself

❥How to truly connect to another human being

❥How to bring more love into our lives


Or if you just want to raise your vibration, experience a high vibing day with love, beautiful people, hugs and be inspired: this workshop is for you.


Some things people have said after joining our workshops:

- “I feel so full of love and excited to continue my journey.”

- “Today was very inspiring. I’ve received powerful tools, which I can now take home with me and apply in my everyday life.”

- “I think everyone could benefit from this!”



❥Inspiration and life-changing insights
❥Herbal water and tea (bring lunch if you need it)
❥Free audio & PDF files afterwards for your home practice (normally a paid program)
❥A beautiful connection with like-minded souls
❥Ask all your burning questions about life, happiness, awakening, healing, the law of attraction, inner peace – or anything else


We can’t wait see you and welcome you.

Much love,
Mayke & Nick



Workshop Inner Beauty Retreat – Remember who you are

buy your ticket for 'Inner Beauty – remember who you are’:
investment: 77 euros



Workshop Inner Beauty Retreat - turn your heart’s desire into reality

buy your ticket for 'Turn your heart’s desire into reality’:

investment: 77 euros


Make it an Inner Beauty weekend and combine the workshops on the 25th & 26th of May by buying a combination ticket ♥

buy your combi ticket for BOTH:

investment: 122 euros


If you want to buy multiple tickets (for more people), please use the same Tikkie link again ♥


Please e-mail us to confirm after you've booked your ticket with your full name(s) at We look forward to seeing you!


If a link for some reason doesn't work, you can also e-mail or send us a pm to confirm your spot and pay in cash.



We’ll be hosting you at THE WHITE DOOR STUDIO in Amsterdam. The workshop will be from 13.30 – 18.30. Please be there at 13.15 so we can start the workshop at 13.30.


We so look forward to seeing you!

Much love,
team Inner Beauty Retreat

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