The Inner Beauty Retreat - Re-programming your mind & standing in your power

Have you ever wanted to start a new lifestyle change, a business, or quit doing something – and found yourself unable to start or pursue? Are you aware of recurring patterns and themes playing out in relationships or in your work environment, that you’d like to change – but they seem so persistent?

You’re not the only one. It might be that a limiting belief, or a few, is what’s stopping you. Limiting beliefs can be anything from “I’m not good enough” to “I am not creative” to “this is how things are, something else is just not possible for me – or it comes very hard” and we all have them.

Some beliefs we ourselves have ‘installed’, some we have been ‘given’ at birth, some are a result of our upbringing, a (traumatic) event or society. Quite often we are not consciously aware of what it is that is holding us back – we just quit that thing we wanted to start or repeat the same patterns over and over.

Limiting beliefs are often about the self or self-identity, but they can comprise many other subjects, such as money, masculinity of femininity, certain behaviours of others – you name it. They keep us from reaching our full potential.

In this powerful workshop, you’ll start to unravel the conversations you have with yourself. You’ll find out what some of these limiting beliefs are and how to re-program your mind, so that you can do what you choose to do and came here to do (in this lifetime). You’ll learn how to stand in your power when old patterns show up, so nothing is holding you back to live the life of your dreams!

Most of all, we want to teach you to accept all parts of yourself. You are beautiful and amazing – and we see it in you, but that might not be how you feel about yourself everyday. We’ll help you see and remember.


You’ll learn:
❥ What your limiting beliefs are
❥ How to ‘re-program’ your mind with new beliefs
❥ How to lovingly accept yourself
❥ How to make the law of attraction work for you
❥ How to live with real power
❥ To embrace life from higher perspectives
❥ To approach life from higher consciousness
❥ The number one breathing technique to turn stress into relaxation



❥ Herbal water & tea (no lunch, bring it if you need it)
❥ Inspiration and life-changing insights
❥ Experience a beautiful group connection with like-minded souls
❥ Ask all your burning questions about awakening, the power of love, the law of attraction, how to manage inner peace living in the city, or anything else



buy your ticket for 'limiting beliefs & manifesting from the heart’':
investment: 77 euros

buy your ticket for ‘relationships':
investment: 77 euros

buy your combi ticket for BOTH:
investment: 122 euros

If you want to buy multiple tickets (for more people), please use the same Tikkie link again ♥

Please e-mail us to confirm after you've booked your ticket with your full name(s) at We look forward to seeing you!

PS If a link for some reason doesn't work, you can also e-mail or send us a pm to confirm your spot and pay in cash.



On the 13th of July we’ll be hosting you at The White Door Studio in Amsterdam. Please be there at 13.15 so we can start the workshop at 13.30.



Mayke is back in Amsterdam and available for private sessions! She’ll be back from Portugal on July 11th.

For more info on private sessions, go to

To book your private session e-mail


We so look forward to seeing you!

Much love,
Team Inner Beauty Retreat

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