Inner Beauty TV

Struggling to make choices and truly live from your heart? in this first episode of Inner Beauty TV you'll learn the number one question you can ask yourself to do both.

How to choose between all there is to offer, from psychologists to retreats and ayahuasca, what is right for you?

I believe you can heal anything, especially an allergy. Yes, even if you're someone who starts sneezing at the mere thought of a cat.

I'm sharing from my experience how you can connect with a loved one and how you can know whether they are guiding you.

How I see it: when we are waiting, time is being gifted to us. In this video I'll show you how to make optimal use of those extra moments. I'll share some practical tools that will help you to be fully present so you will never have to 'wait' a day (or minute!) in your life!

Forgiveness. This video may be an emotional one. all of us, at some point in our lives, have wronged and been wronged (by) others. Whatever has happened: it's important to forgive.