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Is this for me? Is it really going to help?

In case you're still having some doubts about whether this journey will help you find what you're looking for, read on.

You're not the only one struggling with this one, believe us. The retreat isn’t for everyone. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s meant for the ones that feel attracted to it. This mainly involves people who are concerned about their personal development, who like to reflect and learn and who are curious about spirituality or those who have another motivation to become the best version of themselves.

That’s simply not everyone. Chances are that your friends or parents (perhaps also coming from a generation that did not value personal development and spirituality that much, or even handled it as taboo) won’t understand why you would want to take part in a retreat. Remarks as “But you don’t need a retreat, right?” or “You don't strike me as the type of person who does something like that” are therefore understandable and completely okay.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter what your family and friends think of the way you decide to live your life. It’s about what YOU think. It's about you doing what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Research has shown that the number one thing people regret on their death bed is “I wish I had lived my own life, and wouldn’t have been bothered so much by what other people think of it”. Knowing this, let's just decide to never have that regret.

And if your parents would like to give us a call to raise their (critical) questions, or to get to know us, they are more than welcome. Please send an email to and we’ll set up a call.

Ps. Fun fact; there have been several parents who joined us on an Inner Beauty Retreat after their son or daughter came home bursting with enthusiasm – and it only strengthened their bond!

We completely understand. We know what it’s like if you’ve dragged yourself from therapy session to life coach for years, without noticing any changes in how you feel. We think that a lot of therapies miss one essential element: the fact that you’re a spiritual being that has a human experience; and that the answers are hidden somewhat deeper than the reach of most conventional methods.

At the same time, we see a lot of teachers, coaches and healers with a spiritual approach who – despite their good intentions - just haven’t managed to learn what they’re teaching to others: to stay spiritual, but within the limitations of a physical world.

We go deep, but at the same time we keep it raw, real and super pragmatic and practical.

It’s for a reason that all participants who joined us so far (yes ALL of them), wrote on their feedback forms that they found what they were looking for, that they would recommend the retreat to EVERYONE – from grandma’s to best friends to little brothers – ánd that they would definitely love to join again (and many of them did, some 3 times already!).

We don’t say this to boast, but just to show you that we walk the talk. To give you the faith that there really is an answer to the challenge that you’re facing. We promise you.

Absolutely not! If you’re happy, healthy and successful, but just want to work on your spiritual growth or self-connection, the Inner Beauty Retreat is the right address for you. Or maybe you’re curious to discover if there’s ‘more’ to life. Either way, we would LOVE to welcome you.

Approximately 40% of our participants are self-employed and join the retreat to invest in their company. Because – let’s be honest – every investment in yourself directly passes on to your business or career. If you fly, your business rises with you!

You don’t ‘need’ to have a problem to join, and you’re also more than welcome if you do have one. We have worked successfully with people with depression, burn-out, physical complaints, eating disorders, anxiety disorders and even with people who thought about ending their lives.


We believe that every problem can be solved with one solution: to reconnect with who you truly are, your real self, that little warrior inside of you. Learn how to listen to your true self and you’ll know how to deal with thoughts, emotions and real-life challenges such as relationships and work situations.


In some cases, we advise you to do a one on one mentorship with one of our coaches, before taking part in the Inner Beauty Retreat. I you have doubts, questions or want our honest opinion, send us an email on

We like to be brutally honest: the Inner Beauty Retreat works if you do. If you start practicing what you’ve learned, if you keep investing in yourself, you’ll definitely find what you’ve been searching for. And we’ll always be there, cheering you on along the way. If you need a helping hand after the retreat, you can always come to the workshops or book a private session.

But you’ll have to do the work yourself. If you join a retreat once and thereafter don’t put in any effort, the effect will be considerably less strong.

That being said, our research has shown that - even those participants who didn’t consistently keep up the practices after the retreat – experienced a lasting, positive effect after the retreat. Everything you heal during the retreat truly is healed and won’t come back.

The ones who DID consistently work with the tools have been through some crazy transformations. So… It’s up to you 😉

No worries. We’re not a support group, so we won’t sit in a circle, talking about our problems. We just ask you to share your intention - just explain in a few words what's the reason you decided to join the retreat, what you hope to gain from it. You don’t have to share anything that you don’t feel comfortable with sharing.


In a private session and in your intake form, we do ask you to share a bit more with us. If we know what your dealing with and what your main concerns at that moment are, this enables us to help you more adequately. It goes without saying that this information will be handled completely confidentially and it won’t be shared with the group or other parties. And if you don’t feel like sharing it with us, that’s okay too 💛

You can book private sessions with our coaches, go on a private retreat (from 1 day up to a month, it’s up to you) or consider a mentorship program. In a mentorship, you’ll be guided and mentored by one of our coaches for a duration of your choice (for example, 3, 6 or 9 months). Eventual healings are also included in the mentorship.

Tell me more about the private sessions

However, we do want to point out that a group setting is super powerful and special. Even to those who thought “Nah, I’m not really the type of person that likes groups”. A group brings a certain interaction that you just can’t live to see in a one-on-one setting. And friendships for life are born during every retreat!

If you feel nervous about opening up in a group, being vulnerable, finding your place in a group, getting to know new people, or just don’t feel like listening to other people’s “problems”, we lovingly invite you to participate in a group-retreat.

And let me remind you, we’re not a support group that sits in a circle and dwells on problems for hours. You don’t have to talk about your problems, because in essence, your problem doesn’t matter. We’ll go directly to the core, to the solution, by implementing tools and exercises that will serve you for the rest of your life.

The retreat is, therefore, an individual journey, that you’ll experience in a group setting and you’ll see what great beauty and power lies in that.

Nick's workshops will be held in English and during Mayke's workshops, we mostly talk Dutch (if the group is Dutch; which is the case in 99% of the time). That means the general language is Dutch, apart from the times when Nick joins us.

It is absolutely no problem if your English isn’t fluent - or even poor - or if you feel insecure about your English language skills. We’ll help you translate if something is unclear to you or if you have a question. Bonus: it will inevitably boost your language-skills!

A lot of participants had this question beforehand, but it never bothered them during the retreat 😊

From the moment the retreat starts, everything is included and taken care of: your accommodation, meals, drinks (including some yummy fresh juices), the entire program with workshops, breathing sessions, yoga and meditation – ánd we’ll send you emails for 6 weeks after the retreat to support you with your home practice.

The journey to the retreat (tickets and transfer) and any private sessions aren’t included.

The prices on our website are the prices per person.

We go deep, that's why we have a full and exciting program for you. Each day, you'll have a few hours of free time, but we’re not a yoga-holiday. Don’t expect to chill at the pool, getting that tan on (hey, who doesn't love the sun) and do some downward-facing dogs in between.

You will, however, return home fully recharged and relaxed.

No problem! You don’t need any experience to join the retreat, we are open to all levels. It might be helpful to practice with mediation at home if you like, we’ll send you some tips and tricks as soon as you’ve booked (including a booklist with some life-changing titles).

Regarding the yoga: you don’t need to be super flexible or fit, that’s not what yoga is about. You can participate at your own pace and level and if you’ve got a physical complaint, we’ll always help to find a suitable alternative for the exercise.

Good news: you don’t have to be. You can just be you. You don’t have to come back home as wheatgrass sipping vegan yogi (which is allowed though 😉).

We go deep and might touch upon concepts that are new to you or that invoke some questions with you, but it’s about finding YOUR truth. Whatever resonates with you.

And to do that, you’re allowed to be super-duper, airy-fairy, and spiritual (we’d love to have a chat about multidimensionality and timelines with you) or as down to earth as can be. Just be you.

Our youngest participant is 15 years old, the oldest 67. The retreat is open to people of all ages and backgrounds.


This diversity adds the dash of magic. You’ll discover that we’re all so much alike, struggling with the same challenges, regardless of age, background, nationality, role or whatever.

The price is composed out of multiple components: the costs that are accompanied with organization of a retreat (like the rent of the location, food and drinks, the chefs, the compensation for the hours of the coaches, the flight tickets and travel expenses of the team, the required equipment during a retreat), and the costs that go hand in hand with running a company (from building and maintaining a website, a compensation for the hard-working members of our team - from our customer service to our video editor and our IT guy that makes sure everything keeps running smoothly -, marketing costs – from Facebook advertising to software programs, from Photoshop to our email-marketing platform -, printed communication costs, administration costs and so on).

Whether something is too expensive, depends on two factors: whether you feel like it’s worth the investment and – of course – your financial situation.

The retreat is an investment in your future. What would it be worth to you if you’d find what you’ve been searching for all this time? How fast could you earn back that investment as an entrepreneur, once you - and your business - start flying after the retreat? How much could it speed up your recovery period – after, for example, a burn-out - meaning you could start working sooner?  

If your financial situation makes it practically impossible for you to join a retreat, but you really feel the need to (or want it crazily bad), there are two options:

  1. You can pay in terms. Just navigate to the retreat of your choice, select your room type, and the options will appear here.
  2. You can send us an email with your motivation and your budget. We’ll see what we can do for you 💛.

It is, and it should be. That’s why we create free content (click here to see Mayke's YouTube channel with loooots of valuable Inner Beauty TV’s – for free!). And you can participate in our free, Inner Beauty Challenge online!


If you join a retreat you’ll pay for the organization, the travel costs, the accommodation, and time of the teachers, the marketing, administration, our team members – and all costs that go hand in hand with running a company. We do this in a cost-effective, sustainable way, without making any concessions regarding the quality of the retreats.

Did you know that this secret fear is - for many - one of the reasons not to join? And we absolutely get it. Sometimes we are afraid to look within, afraid of what we might discover. We’re scared that there are certain people, habits or aspects that we need to leave behind.

The beauty of looking within is that you’ll only see and receive what you’re ready for. It’s never more than you can handle, even if it feels like it is a LOT. Your soul knows exactly what to show you.

And… It’s the purest form of truth – even if you try to ignore it. If, for example, that relationship isn’t right for you anymore, that truth will come back to you like a boomerang. That’s the way the universe works. If we try to ignore those whispering voices in our hearts, they so often turn into screaming voices and it is so much better to prevent that.

So, how far do you want to roam away from your true self, before you start making different choices? How much longer do you want to push forward, investing your time, energy and effort into something that doesn’t fulfill you, before you face your fears and get behind the steering wheel of your life? There’s no right or wrong answer to these questions, it’s just a choice and the choice is up to you.

You’ll never be given more than you can handle. And if you start working on anything unknown, unresolved or something that just freaking scares you, then we don’t know of any place better to do that than with us, in the middle of nature and with great support and guidance.

It’s indeed possible that an unhealed or even forgotten experience surfaces in, for example, a breathing session. Everything that’s living in your unconscious mind becomes more conscious during these sessions. But if a past event arises, that’s fantastic! We'll help you work through it. And that will truly set you free.

Why is this so important? Because 95% of your life is defined by your unconscious mind. It shapes your vision, the way you see the world and interact with it. That means that you also create from that vision. If we become conscious of what lives in our unconscious mind, of our unconscious thoughts and ‘upgrade’ our it with positive thoughts, heal painful experiences in our inside world and replace them with love, they won’t have to be created in the outside world anymore. We’ll tell you more about this during our retreats or in our workshops 😊

The ‘Shared Wooden Lodge in Nature’ is a cabin for two people around the villa on the same property. The ‘Shared Room in Villa’ is a slightly more luxurious room in the villa for 2 to 3 people. Both options have their own sanitary facilities.

In general, only Shared Rooms are available. Sometimes, in exceptional cases, we can make a Private Room available for you. If you are interested in this, you can always send us an email (

An extra night costs 111 euros (including breakfast). To book an extra night you can send us an email (

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