Private sessions

Do you want to be a better version of yourself?
Whether you want to want to start living your purpose,
are ready to set yourself free from insecurities or fears,
or could use some support reconnecting with your true self
(yes, it's there, that little powerhouse inside of you): we'd love to help you.



Whether you want to work on your self-connection, manifesting from the heart, your life purpose, starting or running a (conscious) business, becoming your own soulmate and freeing yourself from unresolved issues, breaking free from the constraints of the matrix and becoming all that you came here to be: I'd love to help you find the answers from within.

Everything you need to know is already inside of you. During a private retreat, a coaching-, healing-, or business coaching session, I'll help you reconnect to that wisdom. Oh, and you'll get super practical tools to apply everything you learn in your daily life.

The investment for a one-hour-session is € 500,- (ex. 21% VAT).

*Note: 1:1 sessions with Mayke  are only available during an Inner Beauty Retreat or in private mentorship.

I love working with entrepreneurs, especially with those souls who are here to bring about positive change in the world.

I started my first company at age 21 and left that commercial business after almost 10 years to fully dedicate my heart and time to my true mission and purpose: the Inner Beauty Retreat. In my years of being an entrepreneur, I've learned quite a few do's and don'ts when it comes to setting up a business, combining it with your private life, using your intuition to make (big) choices, marketing, structuring, hiring employees and co-working with freelancers and much more.

I lóve to empower you to set up your (conscious) business and show up as the best version of you that you can be in your business. To give you the tools that have helped me and share my best successes and biggest failures, so you won't have to make the same mistakes 😉

As with regular coaching, I will help you find your own answers from within. You will feel empowered, have clarity of mind and you will know what to do next and how to do it.

In a Coaching Session we will work with a topic of your choosing. It can be a challenge or problem you wish to resolve, or a dream or a desire you wish to manifest. Together we will create clarity around the topic and I will help you find your own answers to certain questions within. If applicable, you'll learn tools to practice yourself with regards to your topic, so you have the tools to find clarity and feel empowered and free - anytime, anywhere.

I especially love coaching around topics such as self-connection, (manifesting from) the heart, life purpose, starting or running a (conscious) business, becoming your own soulmate, breaking free from the constraints of the matrix and becoming all that you came here to be - as this is what my personal journey mostly has been about.

I will help you find your own answers from within. You will feel empowered, have clarity of mind and you will know what to do next and how to do it.

In a healing session, I use both pranic and intuitive healing to resolve any issue you may be facing. It may be something holding you back, an unresolved issue from your past or you may be looking for clarity and clear answers in a specific area.

As the healing sessions are divinely guided every session is different and I too don't know what's going to happen in a session. What I do know is how to connect you to your heart and higher self and also how to guide you through anything that comes up, while clearing your energy body and chakras from old or stagnant energies or blocks, so that your energy can naturally flow again.

Healing sessions can be used for physical, emotional, mental and energetic challenges, injuries, blocks. As the body, energy body and soul are directly connected, by balancing one, we balance the others as well - the same goes for the chakras. As the body stores memory, when there are unprocessed or unhealed experiences, they can show up in the physical body to be resolved. My personal view is that every dis-ease has an emotional cause and can be addressed at the root.

After a healing session, people usually feel much lighter, more energized, clear-minded, peaceful, empowered, excited for life and joyful. This is not because I, as 'the healer', am a magic pill, it's because that is YOUR natural state of being. All I do is work with Source to reconnect you to your natural state of being and resolve anything that is standing in the way of that, that is ready to be transformed.

One thing I personally love about the healing sessions: are the shiny eyes afterward. Beauty truly comes from within 🙂


Life has deep purpose and meaning. It's perfect and always has been. That doesn't mean it has been pleasant. It's part of the game to lose touch with your inner being, and the spiritual journey is about returning to your inner being. My sessions are designed to bring you gently into a state of perfect love with and within yourself. We are energy beings living in an energy world. All energy attracts its own nature - and if you're able to control your own energy, it means you have control over your life.

Whether you want to start living your purpose, want to know why your life is the way it is and how you are being called to change it, want to experience soul-deep intimacy: you will get there, and I'd love to guide you.

The investment for a one-hour-session is €200,- for private individuals and freelancers and € 250,- for companies. All prices are ex. 21% VAT.

My sessions are designed to bring you gently into a state of perfect love with and within yourself.

Relating from this gentle space of strength and wholeness is ultimate personal empowerment.

All deep personal healing occurs in the presence of love.

Ideal for women who want to experience, learn and share soul-deep feeling.

Do you ever get the feeling that there is more, so much more, to human connection than you have experienced before?

Perhaps you want to go deeper into your feelings, to open your heart more, to feel more love, for yourself, for others, and to be able to share that love. Perhaps you want to feel more at home in your body, to be able to open more in intimacy. Perhaps you just want to feel. More.

The foundation for this experience is breath-based connection with the Invisible Divine presence within you. Inhaling with love from this place deep within and exhaling with love into our own cellular structure fills us with our own Spiritual Power.

Combining this with conscious human closeness allows us to feel “the gaps” within oneself, the unloved parts of ourselves, wounds and energy memories from the past, from our childhoods and, in so doing, nourish them.

Intimacy = Into Me I See


There is little as powerful as pure intimacy for deep spiritual growth. As beings of Love we are created to explore love. Purity and Love are the fundamental ingredients of our spiritual foundation. Without them, we have no solid ground to stand on within ourselves.

Normally, when we are close to someone else the focus shifts to them and our energy moves outside of ourselves. We look to the other to help us fill the sense of emptiness, lack of fulfillment within ourselves but we know this does not work. It triggers insecurity, neurosis, and psychosis.

Unconscious intimacy, body-based, and driven by unconscious patterns leads to dependency and attachment. In this way, we feed our own egos and become weaker – giving our power away, unable to say no to unconscious behavior. The ego lives in fear.

Here are some examples of fear-based relating

  • pushing people away to feel safe
  • running away
  • sabotaging relationships
  • freezing and becoming paralyzed
  • passive acceptance of inappropriate dishonoring behavior
  • engaging in sex you just don’t enjoy.

So much power and freedom is locked in the human body trapped in old memories and energy patterns – the residue of loveless and unenlightened behavior – thought, words and actions.

Closeness generates emotional peace and nourishes us physically, generating inner peace. This peace of body and emotions is the perfect foundation to turn our hearts and minds to the spirit within us, truly nourishing the empty parts of ourselves.

Intimacy has this huge potential to give wings to the soul and uplift us into blissful ecstatic experiences of ourselves. How do we do this and stay truly grounded and centered within ourselves?

It requires deep self-acceptance. Unconditional love is non-judgemental love. As we share that we nourish our souls and align with our inner nature. That harmonic is the ultimate positive law of attraction.

If you want a man to meet you in the depth of your soul then you need to learn to live from that place inside you? How do you do that? How do you practice that?

Once you get the feeling and experience you can guide someone else to meet you there. It’s not necessarily that there are “no men like that” everyone has potential it’s more that the men need the women to guide them. To slow down, to truly connect and to move from that magical place of stillness, expressing only in a way that nourishes the magical feeling of togetherness and not breaking that feeling.

We all face challenges in life. Invisible forces are guiding us all, demanding change and providing sometimes excruciating intensity as our deeper selves are transformed.
In these powerful sessions, you will learn:
* how to balance the inner and outer worlds for optimal success
* how to move towards your true calling and purpose in life fearlessly 
* how best to deal with fast-changing relationship dynamics 
* how to balance sensitivity with strength and ground your potential in the world 
and much more. These private consultancies are geared towards results. Enjoy the liberation of your inherent goodness and power and rise beyond the drag of ego b/s into a 100% authentic version of the ultimate you – freedom awaits the focused heart.

In a private retreat, we'll combine coaching sessions and a Gene Keys Reading, healing & prayer sessions, to make you feel super empowered and connected to yourself. We'll dive deep into what it is you'd like to resolve, change, heal or transform - and the effects of just one day can be huge.

If you book a private retreat, we'll ask you to answer a few questions so that we can make a program specifically designed for you. Private retreats can take place anywhere in the world, depending on both your and our location (travel expenses or accommodation if necessary are not included in the price).

See it as a combi of all of the sessions above and more, depending on you and what you'd like to work on. It's truly amazing to see what we can do together 🙂



Holistic Movement, Leonie van Vliet, Dennis van Miltenburg, Stijn de Jongh

Health, happiness, and awareness aren’t found on any street corner. Okay, in fact, they ARE, but it takes some work before you can truly see it. During his holistic sessions, Dennis helps you to conquer your fears, break through negative patterns and emotional blockages. He offers you the chance to look in the (metaphorical) mirror. Who are you? By shining light in your shadows and being guided through the unknown, you’ll reconnect to who you are in essence: a super-duper powerful being of light.

The investment for a one-hour-session is € 250,-. All prices are ex. 21% VAT.

During a holistic session, you'll genuinely look in the mirror. Who are you? Being confronted with everything that we're suppressing in our subconscious, can feel scary. But continuing to neglect it and hiding it even deeper, is even more uncomfortable. In spiritual and psychological terms, we call this part of our subconscious our "shadow". This is where our fears, trauma, blockages and limiting beliefs are stored.

When you keep hiding these aspects of yourself, it often creates an imbalance that can be reflected in your health, relationships, physical body or your emotional state - since your mind, body, and soul are all connected. 

Dennis helps you to shine light in your shadow and guides you through the unknown. By shining light in your darkness, you'll reconnect to who you truly are. You'll learn how to accept ALL aspects of yourself, and that's the key to healing yourself in a holistic way. These sessions bring you to the core of your challenges and resolve them at that same level. This means that the changes, growth, healings, and insights are permanent. Hello to a healthier, happier and more conscious life! 

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