Coaching, Reading and Energetic Healing Sessions


Do you want to be a better version of yourself, whether in your private or professional life and feel you could use some support?
The teachers and coaches of the Inner Beauty Retreat are available for private sessions all year long.


Choose between one on one Coaching Sessions, Energetic Healing Sessions or a Gene Keys Reading.


Sessions will take place in person depending on where you and we are, or via Skype.


The coaches:



Coaching Session
1 hr - € 100

Pranic Healing Session
1 hr - € 100

Full day Coaching
1 day - € 300


What is a Pranic Healing Session?

Pranic Healing removes blockages from your energy systems (chakras) and restores and recharges energy where there is a lack or depletion of energy. Pranic Healing can be targeted to heal physical injuries (from broken bones to infections to digestive issues and almost everything in between) faster by healing the energetic body, which will speed up the natural healing abilities of the physical body. Also, Pranic Healing can address issues that are mental, emotional or spiritual by nature as it works in the energetic world.


Since we are spiritual beings by nature and our world is made up of more energy than physical mass, this will affect your physical body and reality as well. Thought patterns and emotions like stress are forms of energy and can be removed and transformed using Pranic Healing. Pranic Healing Sessions are therefore very beneficial during a retreat, when we are letting go of a lot of 'the old' and consciously installing 'the new' and can help speed up and integrate the process.


Furthermore, the sessions help to restore the mind, body and spirit balance. As mind, body, and spirit are interconnected, when you balance one, you automatically help balance help balance the others.


Coaching Session
1 hr - € 100

Energetic Healing Session
1 hr - € 100

Full day Coaching
1 day - € 300


What is an Energetic Healing Session?
An energetic session works with balancing your energetic body. Your energy body is a non-physical body that is connected to your physical body. Your energy body holds the blueprint of your physical body and contains your feelings & thoughts. An energetic session balances these energies within you by working with life force energy: the living energy that gives life to all things.


By balancing your energy body, you can transform deep patterns and deep emotions by simply setting your intention and relaxing, allowing yourself to drift of while the session takes place. As the session starts your conscious mind goes to rest while your superconscious mind, your spirit supports the transformation of the energy body. An energetic session transforms negative patterns and imbalances in the body, mind and spirit. When we are aligned and balanced we are in a state of calmness, joy, clarity, creativity and much more.


It is important to have a clear vision of how your life will be different and what habits you will apply to keep fueling your wonderful Self. This will make it easier to shift any negative habits and patterns that may pull you as you return home. As you stay strong at your within your heart and as you receive support you will have a formula for success.


Coaching Session
1 hr - € 150

Gene Keys Reading
1 hr - € 150

Full day Coaching
1 day - € 375


What is a Gene Keys Reading?
Gene Keys readings offer specific insight into how your unique soul signature interfaces with the world. Gene Keys sheds clear light on our life’s work, purpose and unique evolutionary process revealing clearly what makes us shine and what does not.


By identifying the deeply hidden nature of core wounds and our own emotional, mental and spiritual potential we can align our lives with the higher purpose literally encoded into our DNA. My consultancy, personal empowerment and healing sessions are all founded on Gene Keys insights as it gives unique details specific only to you and is a very useful map to help integrate the past and also to navigate the challenges of today and the future.


Individual Consultancy

One on one private consultancy geared towards results. Via phone, Skype, e-mail and/or in person these powerfully transformative sessions focus on immediate dissolution of any and all negative energies, disharmonies, toxic thought patterns and positionality causing disharmony and distortion of flow.


Emphasis is placed on clearly identifying those disharmonies and prescribing specific protocols to starve them of energy. Simultaneously reinforcing a critical adherence to the underlying goodness and power of the True Self.


This is a simple reorientation of breath, awareness and attitude, the alchemy of which orbiting a core focus on the epicenter of consciousness alive within us all. Enjoy the liberation of your inherent goodness and power and rise beyond the drag of ego b/s into a 100% authentic version of the ultimate you – freedom awaits the focused heart.

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