From fear to love

Transform fear into love from the comfort of your own living room with the Retreat at Home.

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This is your fast track ticket to feeling good. Really good.

Why we made this one-day retreat at home?

Underneath most of our worries and challenges is fear, even if you don’t consider yourself a fearful person. There is the subconscious fear of not being good enough, of not having enough, succeeding enough, of letting people down, of death, of failing: of some form of hurt.

If you dó deal with fear and anxieties, then we’ve got the strategies to deal with that for you. First of all, it’s completely normal to feel fear. Being human comes with huge challenges and initiations.

Today, transforming fear into love is more important than ever.

We don’t have to explain to you that with the current events in the world, fear and other negative emotions may be more heightened. Anxieties and insecurities may come up stronger than ever before, as can feelings of inadequacy and all kinds of worries. For example, worries about safety, finances or the direction of our lives. You may even be feeling other people's fears, as fear is an energy.

1. Welcome to your one-day retreat
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Do you want to:

Experience deep stillness
Feel better than you do now
Act from your inspiration, not your fears
Choose YOU - finally?
Learn how to deal with those damn fears (or any emotion that keeps you stuck)
Consciously create your own reality and life (remember, physical life is a reflection of the energy world)

You will:

Feel super connected to yourself again
Know how to stay centered and connected to yourself in challenging times
Learn to forgive, or just want to know how to deal with that someone who triggers the sh*t out of you 😉
Consciously create your own reality and life (remember, physical life is a reflection of the energy world)

This course is going to be your best friend to connect to yourself again, and move through negative emotions.

Enjoy it from the safety and comfort of your own home. We have made it with so much love, and trust you will receive the frequency of love in it.

buy now for €222,- (incl. VAT)

Het One Day Retreat includes:

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The one-day retreat is packed with powerful meditations, breathing and movement exercises that teach you to become a master of your own mind.

The fastest way to get out of your head? Get into your body! This guided yoga flow helps you to get grounded, so you'll feel super present during the rest of the day.

There's so much greatness inside of you, and you hold the key to unlock it. Get ready to find answers from within.

During this day, you'll not only work on that beautiful soul of yours, you'll also get the tools to take optimal care of your body. With yummy foods.

Buy now the Retreat At Home for € 222,-

They did it. So can you.

You'll get super grounded. Personal development strengthens your sense of self and makes you rock solid. 
Having a relaxed central nervous system is the foundation for good health and longevity. You'll learn a lifetime's worth of wisdom and effective tools to relax your central nervous system - in minutes.
We actively get to work, using body, mind and energy. And that's why this retreat is so effective.
You’ll learn how to be your own soulmate. You’ll know how to give yourself that feeling of community.
With Dutch subtitles!
The price can go up at any time. This price is a steal in relation to the value and can go up in the future. So if you want to join for only € 222, don’t wait too long. Your future self and wallet will thank you.

Because it's time to unlock your greatness.

No more playing it small. Get ready to line up with your mission. Whether that’s an outward journey (of completely rearranging your business for example) or an inner journey of deep self-connection and self love. Let’s start by giving you some tools to navigate challenging times, so you can move forward in your own unique way.


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What's in it?

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yoga session

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guided meditations

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delicious recipes of the Green Happiness

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super powerful workshops

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journaling exercises

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The best breathing technique to calm your mind (and body!)

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Movement techniques to release what no longer serves you

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Access to the one-day retreat playlist we've created for you

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A grocery list to help you prepare for this day

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Insights into YOUR purpose

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A bonus package to keep your journey going after this day

Are you ready to disrupt your version of normal?

Because you deserve your normal to feel awesome.
No matter what's going on around you.