The Essence Challenge

A 30-day morning practice to set your day for greatness

The essence meditation is the queen of all meditations. It connects you in a simple way to your true self, that/which is free from all suffering. That feels... just amazing.

A journaling prompt for each specific day will give you clarity and insight on what is most important to you.

When practiced regularly, this meditation is life-changing. You will feel more connected to yourself, more peaceful throughout the day and be less reactive. It’ll feel like you’re moving from a place of truth instead of emotions or a busy mind.

Already over a thousand people have practiced this meditation and sent us heartfelt messages and emails about how it changed them. Powerful stuff.

Together with the daily journaling prompt, this makes the perfect morning practice. It will take you about 20-30 minutes per day and set your day
for greatness and feeling fantastic.

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To give this powerful tool to as many people as possible, we’ve made the meditation available for free on YouTube. Please do share with the world or your friends if you feel this could benefit anyone.

The 30-day challenge comes at € 11 or any other donation that feels right in your heart. Yes, choose your own price.

You choose.